• SyenSaya Wonderama 2015 once again offered exciting activities for the kids and proved that learning can be fun! This year's theme was SyenSaya at Kabataan: #WOWTLG! TLG stands for "Technology Leads to Globalization."

  • Our online catalog of short courses and training programs for 2015 is now available. Click on photo to check the courses.

  • 2015 is the International Year of Soils. Click here to know more.

  • The UPLB Museum of Natural History Director Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzales, with the other curators of the museum, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Dr. Susan May F. Calumpang, and family members of Dr. Dioscoro Rabor.

  • The UPLB Museum of Natural History, a supervised unit of the OVCRE, is on a roll as they continuously discover new species. (Photo by Pol Veluz, SESAM)

  • "In recognition of the importance of bees and the potential of the bee industry, the University of the Philippines established the UPLB Bee Program in 1989 to further establish all bee related research and programs in the University." -Photo by Romar Jan C. Edosma (1st Place, Capturing UPLB's Research Heritage Photocontest)

  • OVCRE's Extension Section holds the UPLB Public Service Forum. Speakers were Dr. Ma. Victoria Espaldon, Dr. Rogelio Cuyno, and Dr. Emil Q. Javier.

  • The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension holds the first UPLB Public Service Forum at the BIOTECH Seminar Room.

  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Rex B. Demafelis with the speakers during the first UPLB Public Service Forum. (From left to right: Dr. Rita P. Laude, Dr. Virginia R. Cardenas, Dr. Enrico P. Supangco, VC Rex B. Demafelis, Prof. Maria Teresa DV Arejola, and Dr. Ma. Virginia B. Camarinta, OVCRE Extension Section Head)

  • OVCRE collaborates with UP REPSS Inc. to hold the 2nd UPLB REPS Conference. This was the most attended REPS Conference with over 300 participants.

  • Young biotechnology researchers find teamwork essential in looking for answers to man's scientific queries.

  • Professor Emeritus Macrina T. Zafaralla in-situ analyzing a water sample, one of her many research activities aimed to characterize our several freshwater lakes.

  • Agricultural engineers hold test drives of developed mini-tractors and other farm machinery for the appreciation of farmers around Laguna.

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01 September 2015

Series of 2015

TO:                      Deans and Directors

FROM:                REX B. DEMAFELIS
                            Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension

SUBJECT:           Contributions for the RDE Chronicle and RDE Digest

With the aim of promoting the university's research culture, the OVCRE Information Officers Network will launch the RDE Chronicle and the new RDE Digest this 2015. Both publications will be released twice a year: the RDE Chronicle on March and October, and the new RDE Digest on July and January.

The Chronicle will focus on university news related to research, development, and extension, while the new Digest will focus on timeless stories on the impact of UPLB research and extension initiatives.

For the upcoming issue of the RDE Chronicle, we are welcoming at least one of the following contributions from your unit:

  • News article/s about RDE efforts of your unit from June to September (strategic planning, conference, important visitors, etc.)
  • Literary contributions (poems, short story, anecdote, etc.)

You may e-mail these contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before 18 September 2015. The RDE Chronicle will be released in time for the Loyalty Day Celebration this October.

For the new RDE Digest, a feature story or article which fall under any of these categories may be submitted:

  • Analytical Perspective
  • Research Updates
  • Technology and Innovations
  • Popularized Publications (popularized version of a journal article)
  • Personality Profile
  • Success Story (stories of adapters of our technologies)
  • Stories from the field (stories and anecdotes of experiences during field work)
  • Review of any masterpiece of any UPLB faculty/staff

We will welcome contributions to the new RDE Digest on or before 06 November 2015.

For questions or inquries, you may contact the Editorial Team at (049) 536-2354.

Thank you very much for your usual support and cooperation.

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Memorandum No. OVPAA 2015-41

From: Gisela P. Concepcion, Ph.D.
          Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Subject: Call for Proposals for the Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant

This is to announce the call for proposals for the Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant (ECWRG). Following the guidelines approved during the 1299th Board of Regents meeting on 31 July 2014, we are inviting submissions from Instructors, (Instructor 4 and higher), REPS (with the rank of University Researcher), and Assistant Professors to Professors. Only fully accomplished forms using the prescribed format will be accepted by the OVPAA.

Forms can be downloaded from the OVPAA website (ovpaa.up.edu.ph)
. The deadline for submitting proposals to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) or equivalent unit is on 30 August 2015.

All submitted proposals will be subjected to technical and administrative review by the constituent unit's (CU) Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development/Extension prior to submission to the OVPAA. The technical review will be done by external reviewers (i.e. from a different CU) to be selected by the CU's respective OVCRD/OVCRE.

All refereed proposal (whether with favourable reviews or not) together with the proposal evaluation form (with the names of the reviewers indicated) shall be submitted by the CU to the OVPAA by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on or before 30 October 2015.

Thank you. 

The  UPLB Institute of Biological Sciences is pleased to announce a special seminar with Professor Eberhard Curio, world renowned conservation biologist from Ruhr University Bochum  (RUB) on  1-5 September 2015

The seminar is open to both credit and non-credit students,  and the public who may wish to enrich their appreciation of conservation biology. Research specialists from other institutions may wish to schedule appointments with Professor Curio for consultations on their pending publications or research topics on conservation biology.  

Professor Curio's  seminar will cover the following topics:
  • Review of literature: conservation biology
  • Data preparation, collection and management
  • Graphic design and statistics
  • Publication of research and linguistic difficulties
  • Dissemination of results
  • Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & release
  • Predator – prey relationships
  • Mutualisms
  • Seed dispersal
  • Ants and leaf damage
  • Invasive species:   marine toad 
Students who will take the course for credit need to register in the following subject: WLDL 291 Special Topics  - Conservation Biology
Tentative Dates: 1-5 September 2015 (5 days) with Professor E. Curio 
                             10:00 AM to 11:00 AM; 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Seminar, discussions & reports: 11:00 AM to 12:00NN; 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM  (2 lectures per day; equivalent to 3 units credit. When Professor Curio returns to Germany, Prof. JC Gonzalez will continue with the seminars.
Venue:    TBA (to be arranged)

Field work:  Supervised field work for thesis/research students
Tentative Date: 8-12 September 2015 (5 days tentative)
Venue:   Inner forest areas in Northern Panay -- Sibaliw Research Station  
Sibaliw location maphttp://www.panaycon.org/Pages/maps.html
Click here for tips on access  to the Sibaliw research station are provided in this bird watch blogspot.
Click here for a National Geographic article which provided highlights on Sibaliw biodiversity research.
Samples of field research in Sibaliw here and here.

Research proposals for seminar presentation by students shall be screened and approved by Prof. E. Curio/Dr. JCT Gonzalez.   Interested students must register at A218  and submit a 3 to 5 page seminar proposal with the following details: 

  • Title
  • Statement of the Research Problem
  • Analytical Framework
  • Review of Literature (at least three most important published studies on conservation biology)
  • Proposed research design
  • Bibliography
  • Contact details (name, address, mobile number, email address)

Students taking the course for credit shall be graded based on seminar performance.
Deadline of seminar abstracts: 15 August 2015.
Please email the course coordinator, Dr.  JCT Gonzales at 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For the field work,  participants are expected to provide for their accommodation,   subsistence, air travel and related expenses  through faculty or staff development grants,  sponsorships and other personal resources. 

Brief profile of Professor Eberhard Curio

Prof. Curio is globally famous for his work on preserving endangered species,  such as the Visayan writhed-billed hornbill  (Aceros waldeni;   local names:  dulungan,  kalaw)  in the deep mountains of   Sibaliw,   Northern Panay where he spent more than 20 years doing research. He is also instrumental in discovering new species of flora and fauna such as freshwater and arboreal crabs;  and most recently,  a rainforest landhopper Curiotalitrus curioi.

The last significant stands of primary, low elevation rainforest in the bio-geographic region of the West Visayas, located on the northwestern peninsula of Panay, is habitat of a range of highly endangered, partly endemic species of frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals.   It is one of the hotspots with the highest conservation priorities in the world, both in terms of the number of endangered flora and fauna per unit area, and the degree of threat these species confront. Philippine biodiversity per unit area is globally unsurpassed.

For more information about the scientific  work of Prof Curio,  please visit the Panay Eco-Conservation website at www.panaycon.org.     

Attached is a copy of the approved "Guidelines Governing the PCAARRD-GIA and PCAARRD-monitored DOST-GIA Funded Programs and Projects" which shall cover new and ongoing programs/projects effective 1 May 2015. The new PCAARRD-GIA guidelines considered all existing PCAARRD issuances, memos, procedures and were harmonized with the DOST-GIA guidelines as appropriate.

This, together with the forms and templates will be made available on PCAARRD's website. We shall update with the link once available. A booklet on the same document will also be disseminated. Meanwhile, please ensure that program/project leaders will be given a copy of the documents.

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