Analytical & Research Services

CVM-VTH-Diliman Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

The laboratory is capable of doing routine laboratory testing such as complete blood count with platelet count, urinalysis, fecalysis, fungal exam, skin scrapings and ear swab. It can conduct blood chemistry for Glucose, BUN, BUA, SGPT, Creatinine, total cholesterol and alkaline phosphatase. The facility can also do special test in cytology like FNAB, impression smear, swab, vaginal smear, histopathology and necropsy.


Veterinary Teaching Hospital - Diliman
College of Veterinary Medicine
Diliman, Quezon City

Contact person

Ms. Guada Imelda P. Dela Cerna
Position: In-Charge
Designation: Medical Technologist II

Contact details

Telephone No: (02) 928 - 5436

Specialized Equipment

  1. Hematology analyzer
  2. Reflovet
  3. Assorted microscopes
  4. Drying oven

Schedule of Fees

Name of Service
Length of Service
Commercial Rate (in Peso)
CBC with platelet count 15 - 30 minutes 300.00
Blood Chemistry 3 - 5 minutes/ test 200.00
Urinalysis 30 mins 75.00
Fecalysis, Skin scraping, Fungal exam, Ear Swab 15 - 30 minutes/ test 70.00
Vaginal smear, FNAB, Impression smear, Histopathology 1 day 200.00
Necrospy 2 - 3 days 500.00 - 1,000.00