Analytical & Research Services

CEAT-EE Instrumentation Section

The Instrumentation Section of the Department of Electrical Engineering specializes in the repair of equipment for the University. The staff are trained to inspect, identify, and repair defects and restore the equipment to their proper working condition. In the future, a Calibration Center will be included as additional function of the unit.


Department of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology
UPLB, College, Laguna

Contact person

Marcelo P. Almanza and Bonifacio P. Damasco
Position: In-Charge

Contact details

Telefax No: (049) 536 - 2564

Specialized Equipment

  1. B & K Capacitor Analyst
  2. Bantam SP200 ½ Capacity Bench Model Drill Press
  3. Maniforld Heavy Duty Uniweld Gauge
  4. Champion SB200 ½ HP Grinder
  5. Showa E112 Spray Gun w/o hose
  6. Incandescent Bench Magnifier
  7. GE Kilowatt-hour AC Induction Meter
  8. 0.25mm Capacity Micrometer
  9. Fluke 5 ½ Digit Bench Type Multimeter
  10. Harris Oxy-Acetylene Welding Outfit
  11. Fluke Current/Power Probe
  12. B & K FP-5 Dyna-Flex Probe
  13. Rheostat Variable Resistor 210O
  14. Insulation Tester
  15. EICO Transformer & Yoke Tester
  16. B & K Transistor Tester
  17. B & K Transistor Tester
  18. B & K HV-32 High Voltage Tester
  19. B & K Dynamic Tube Tester
  20. Desoldering Tool DS-01
  21. GE Hook-type Volt-Ammeter
  22. GE Portable AP9 Voltmeter
  23. Yamabishi S-260-10 110/220V Input Variac
  24. 200 Amp Portable Welding Equipment
  25. Socket wrench w/ extension
  26. GE Portable Documenting Calibrator
  27. Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator
  28. Agilent U1401B Multi-function Calibrator
  29. Martel MC-1210 Multi-function Process Calibrator
  30. Maktek Portable 13MM 2800 RPM Drill
  31. Dewalt 650W Hand Drill
  32. Bench Drill Press
  33. Nicholson Assorted Files
  34. Hitachi Angle Grinder
  35. Amprobe 37XR-A Digital Multimeter
  36. Fluke 8845A Benchtop Multimeter
  37. Rigol DS1204 OscillopeUniversal Testing Machine
  38. Falling Head Soil Permeability Test Apparatus
  39. Modified Proctor Test Apparatus Set

Schedule of Fees

The Instrumentation Section's services as of now is FREE ONLY TO UPLB colleges and units.

The equipment for repair should be university-owned and the request for repair should be accompanied with necessary documents such as the Property Acknowledgement Receipt. Parts that will be replaced and other supplies that may be needed shall be provided by the requesting unit.