Analytical & Research Services

CEAT-CE Innovative Engineering Materials Laboratory

In the INEM Laboratory, several tests for concrete can be done: strength (compressive and split- tensile), slump tests and chloride concentration and impressed voltage tests. Tensile and corrosion tests for steel bars can also be done. Several tests for fine and coarse aggregates can also be conducted including mechanical sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, moisture content, unit weight, Proctor, permeability and in-situ soil density.


Department of Civil Engineering
College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology
UPLB, College, Laguna

Contact person

Dr. Marish S. Madlangbayan
Position: Department Chair
Designation: Assistant Professor 5

Contact details

Telefax No: (049) 536 - 5614

Specialized Equipment

  1. Universal Testing Machine
  2. Falling Head Soil Permeability Test Apparatus
  3. Modified Proctor Test Apparatus Set