Analytical & Research Services

CAFS-ADSC Dairy Nutrition Laboratory

The laboratory is utilized by researchers and students in the proximate analysis of feeds as part of their research. Organic matter, acid and neutral detergent fibers of forages can also be determined in the laboratory.


Dairy Production and Technology Development Division
DTRI Building
Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster Complex
College of Agriculture
UPLB, College, Laguna


Ms. Ione G. Sarmago
Position: In-Charge
Designation: University Research Associate II

Contact details

Telephone Nos: (049) 536 - 2513
Fax Nos: (049) 536 - 2205

Specialized Equipment

  1. Kjeldahl digestion
  2. Kjeldahl distillation apparatus
  3. Water bath shaker
  4. Soxhlet apparatus
  5. Oven