Analytical & Research Services

CA-ADSC Dairy Chemistry Laboratory

The laboratory is capable of producing and marketing different kinds of soft and hard cheeses in commercial scale with the existence of a new ripening room and vacuum packing machine. It has also capabilities to analyze the basic microbiological and chemical qualities of raw milk and finished products.


Dairy Production and Technology Development Division
DTRI Building
Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster Complex
College of Agriculture
UPLB, College, Laguna


Ms. Olivia C. Emata
Position: In-Charge
Designation: University Researcher II

Contact details

Telephone Nos: (049) 536 - 3148
Fax Nos: (049) 536 - 2205
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Equipment

  1. Analytical balance
  2. Microscopes
  3. Top landing balance
  4. Trip/beam balance
  5. Vacuum packing machine
  6. pH meter
  7. Centrifuge
  8. Water bath
  9. Incubator
  10. Oven
  11. Milk analyzer
  12. Fumehood
  13. Laminar flow
  14. Vortex mixer
  15. Cheese press

Schedule of Fees

Name of Test
or Procedure
(in Peso)
1. Raw milk composition (using milk analyzer) 500.00/ hour
2. Fat Gerber method 440.00
3. Acidity 295.00
4. Specific gravity/ pH 220.00
5. Moisture 220.00
6. Salt 540.00
7. Total bacterial count 540.00
8. Coliform count 540.00
9. Yeasts and mold count 540.00