Analytical & Research Services

CAFS-Host-Pathogen Interactions Laboratory

The HPI Laboratory is a plant pathology research and teaching laboratory that caters to students, staff, government offices, public and private clients in need of technical assistance in basic and/or advanced diagnostics and management of plant diseases. In the past seven years, the laboratory has pioneered the development of easy diagnostics for viral, fungal, and bacterial pathogens of high-value crops such as orchids, cacao, mango, and high-value vegetables. Its services include disease diagnosis of ornamentals, fruit crops, and vegetables; training on serological and molecular diagnostics of orchid viruses; and training on disease diagnosis (cacao, mango, and high-value vegetables).

It houses students doing research in plant-pathogen interactions and disease ecology from the different undergraduate and graduate programs of UPLB, namely, BS Agriculture (Major in Plant Pathology), BS Agricultural Biotechnology (Major in Crop Protection Biotechnology), BS Biology (Major in Microbiology), MS Plant Pathology and MS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Faculty and research staff of IWEP-CAFS, NCPC-CAFS, and IBS-CAS, and collaborators from local and international institutions are involved in the various research activities done in the laboratory with funding coming from DA-Biotechnology Program Office, USAID-STRIDE Program, DOST-PCAARRD, and other private partners.


BS B-225 and BS D-113
Biological Science Bldg.
UPLB, College, Laguna

Contact person

Johnny F. Balidion
Position: Laboratory Head

Contact details

Telephone No: (049) 536 - 3534
Mobile Number: 09237487417 / 09173985612
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialized Equipment

  1. Gel Documentation System
  2. PCR Machine/Thermal Cycler
  3. Spectrophotometer/ELISA Reader with printer
  4. Thermomixer (Heating and Chilling Block)
  5. Stirring Hot Plate
  6. Analytical Balance
  7. Water Bath
  8. Laminar Flow Hood
  9. Fumehood
  10. Inverted Compound Light Microscope with Phase contrast
  11. Compound Microscope
  12. Microscope Eyepiece Camera
  13. pH and Multimeter
  14. Spin down centrifuge
  15. Regrigerated Microcentrifuge
  16. Thermohygrometer
  17. Micropipettors
  18. Incubator Shaker
  19. Gasoline Generator
  20. -20 °C Freezer
  21. Top Freezer Refrigerators
  22. Upright Chiller
  23. Medium-sized electrophoresis tank and power supply
  24. Mupid Electrophoresis Set-up