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Propagation of Mussaenda by Stem Cuttings


The rooting ability of stem cuttings of different Mussaenda varieties as influenced by the position of nodal cuttings and the response of these cuttings to type, concentration and application methods of growth regulators are presented in this production technology. For varieties ‘Doña Luz’, ‘Queen Sirikit’, ‘Paraluman’, ‘Doña Hilaria’ and ‘Doña Aurora’, auxin application is not necessary while for ‘Mutya’, ‘Ginang Imelda’, ‘Doña Pacencia’, ‘Lakambini’, ‘Diwata’ and ‘Doña Eva’, auxin is needed to enhance and accelerate rooting. Best rooting is observed from cuttings taken from current growth, which are partially mature and green. These cuttings respond well to a 15-30 minute dip in 100-ppm indole butyric acid (IBA) before planting into the rooting bed. IBA combined with dopamine or paclobutrazol improves the rooting of Mussaenda ‘Lakambini’ cuttings. This technology, compared to grafting and marcotting, enables the producer to mass propagate the Mussaenda plants using stem cuttings in a shorter time and with a greater volume and higher survival rate.

Technology Category: Agricultural production system
IPType: Patent
Patent Status: Public Domain


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