Sophia Lecturing - Research Grants

Sophia University has established a Science and Technology Exchange Committee (STEC) to promote the interchange of science and technology with academic institutions in Asia. One of their programs to to promote such academic exchange is offering "SOPHIA LECTURING - RESEARCH GRANTS" to a number of selected applicants each year. 

The Graduate School of Science and Technology has one interdisciplinary graduate program. It has eight divisions. These programs aim to bring to light new scientific information and technological developments in all their academic divisions. The programs also aim to be interdisciplinary to foster a common regard for their effects on people, the society, and the global environment.

The first stage of the programs maintains a consistency with undergraduate instruction by combining crossdisciplinary knowledge and a specialty with the goal of cultivating highly educated people who can contribute to people and the society. The second stage aims to produce researchers who can execute independent research in one or more academic fields.

The departments and programs can be viewed here

For further information, please refer to their website. For additional assistance, you may contact them through their website or at +81-3-3238-3539. 

Also attached is the invitation from Sophia University.