Call for Nominations: LBSCFI Outstanding Research and Development Awards

The Los Baños Science Community (LBSC) is one of four  science  communities  established  by the Department of Science and Technology  in  accordance  with  the Presidential Executive Order No.  784  in  1984.  The  science  community  concept fosters the spirit of sharing of resources and expertise among research agencies located in Los Baños. On March 23, 2001  the  Los  Baños  Science  Community  embarked on strengthening its resource generation activities, which prompted which prompted its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission making the entity a non-stock foundation.

Agencies belonging to the LOS BAÑOS SCIENCE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, INC. (LBSCFI) have, through the years, accumulated a rich resource of research and development information, which may have great national impact.  The LBSCFI feels  that  the  National Science and Technology Week, which celebrates in July of each year is an appropriate occasion to grant the awards for outstanding research and development conducted by scientists and development workers in the community.  The award was launched in 1986.

The LBSCFI OUTSTANDING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AWARDS, therefore, give due recognition in the form of cash and plaque of recognition to excellent research and development projects conducted in the community in support of the national development.

The title of the award is “LBSCFI Outstanding Research and Development Awards” with the following categories:
                (A) PARRFI Research and Development Awards (Agriculture, Forestry and Environment)
                          Research Category       
                          Development Category

               (B) M.S. Swaminathan Outstanding Research Award (Agriculture to include Agroforestry, Biodiversity, Natural
                    Resources Management and Socio-Economics)


Attached below are the following: Guidelines, Nomination Form, and Poster. Deadline of submissions is on 22 May 2015. Please submit all required forms on or before the deadline along with electronic copies sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also attached is the Memo from the Office of the Chancellor.