2015 PCAARRD Pantas and Tanglaw Awards

PCAARRD is once again searching for well-deserved recipients of PANTAS and TANGLAW awards. Cash rewards and research grants await Filipino scientists and research institutions in the areas of agriculture, aquatic and natural resources. PCCAARRD is hoping to get some real output and genuine breakthroughs in the improvement of R&D in the country.
These awards are PCAARRD's way of thanking the continuous commitment, dynamism and hard work of researchers in doing various R&D activities. Thus, they are soliciting our best candidates for the three awards, namely: Most Outstanding Scientist/Researcher, Most Outstanding Research Administrator, and Most Outstanding Research Institution.
The researchers/scientists will be evaluated for their significant contributions to the advancement of Philippine agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources. Research administrators and institutions, on the other hand, are evaluated for their effectiveness and efficiency in the identification and pursuit of relevant research agenda with the end-in-view of promoting national development through the creative use of S&T.
For your reference, attached are the Pantas and Tanglaw nomination forms, guidelines and flyer. 

Also attached is the memo from the Office of the Chancellor detailing that by virtue of AO 253, series of 2014, the UPLB Selection Committee for National Awards will screen/nominate UPLB personnel and units. Please submit all documents to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension with electronic copies on or before February 18, 2015. Please send the electronic copies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..