Schedule of Activities: Search for the new Director of MNH

 Schedule of Activities


1.    Meeting of Search Committee to schedule meetings, consultations and other activities


 December 18  (Thursday)

4:00 P.M.


2.    Meeting of MNH curators, REPS, administrative personnel and other stakeholders for presentation of MNH’s accomplishments during the term of the incumbent director, and discussion of plans, programs, problems and priorities for MNH and expectations for the next director, to be participated  in by the Search Committee



January 12, 2015

9:00  A.M.

OVCRE Annex Conference Room


3.     Submission of nominations to the Search Committee Members


January 16, 2015

FRIDAY  5:00 P.M.


4.    Presentation by the nominees of their visions, plans, programs and priorities for MNH



January 20 (Tuesday)

1:00 P.M.

OVCRE Annex Conference Room 


5.    Interview with the selected MNH constituents  (curators, REPS, administrative personnel and other stakeholders) by the Search Committee


6.    Interview with the nominees by the Search Committee


January 21 (Wednesday)
8:30 A.M. 

OVCRE Annex Conference Room  

1:00 P.M.



7.  Consolidation of information by the Search Committee


8.    Preparation of the report by the Search  Committee


January 26-29, 2015

9.    Submission of report to the Chancellor

January 30, 2015    (Friday)





You may submit your nominations (nomination letter, three-page summary of CV and Vision paper)


to the Members of the Search Committee:


Dr. Susan May F. Calumpang, Chair

OVCRE Tel no. 536-2354/VOIP 1500 

Dr. Rosario G. Monsalud, Member

BIOTECH Tel. No. 536-1620, VOIP 1540


Dr. Ramon A. Razal, Member

DFPPS-CFNR   Tel. No. 536-3432

Dr. Milagros M. Peralta, Member

IC-CAS Tel No. 536-2220 VOIP 3500


Dr. Teresita U. Dalisay, Member

CPC-CA Tel. 536-1315 VOIP 2300 


Nomination period is from: December 19, 2014 – January 12, 2015  


ho may  nominate?


·      Personnel of the unit

·      Curators and other Stakeholders

·      Others from outside unit

·      Interested candidate

ho may be nominated?


The nominee must possess the following minimum qualifications:


·      Commitment to academic freedom and the values and ideals of the University;

·      Distinction or outstanding academic credentials in the nominee’s chosen field of expertise which should be along the lines of the unit’s disciplines or fields;

·      Filipino citizen;

·      Outstanding leadership qualities, administrative or managerial capability;

·      Must be willing to serve; and

·      Must consider resource generation, an important function of the position.