Guidelines and Rules for the Use of The OVCRE-Annex Building Conference Rooms

  1. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Conference Rooms located at the OVCRE-Annex Building can be utilized by OVCRE supervised-units, research project teams and other university units for meetings, workshops, etc.

  2. The two (2) conference rooms: OVCRE-Annex Main Conference Room and the Mini-Conference Room has a maximum capacity of 40 and 8 seats respectively.  Particularly, the MCR has an 18-seat conference table with 20 surrounding seats, while the Mini Conference Room has an eight-seat conference table. 

  3. Reservation follows a first-come, first served basis. Requesting party may call the OVCRE-Annex to check for the availability of the conference rooms and make reservations. 
  4. The “OVCRE Conference Room Use Agreement Form” must be accomplished and submitted before the scheduled use.

  5. Audio visual facilities are limited to one projector and screen in the main conference room and a smart TV in the mini conference room. The requesting party must bring their own computer (laptop) and other facilities needed for the meeting.

  6. The requesting party shall be responsible for the following: setting up of the meeting, returning of furniture and equipment to its original location and leaving room clean and in good condition.

  7. Food may be served at meetings. Requesting parties are welcome to arrange catering for the meeting, provided that a representative from the group must be present to accept delivery of the food.  At the end of the meeting, all food service materials and food waste/left-overs must be removed immediately after the meeting.  Note that the OVCRE-Annex Building has no cooking facility nor kitchen counters available for food preparation but we have a small kitchen sink which may be used for small cleaning.

  8. The requesting party representative shall stay behind until proper inspection of premises has been made and the OVCRE Conference Room After-Use Inspection Form” has been accomplished.