Invitation to Participate in the 10th Anniversary Celebration of FORESPI

The Forests and Natural Resources Research Society, Inc. (FORESPI) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on October 22 -23, 2013 at Nicholas P. Lansigan Auditorium, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, UPLB. 

As part of their celebration, there will be paper and poster presentations on October 22, and a general assembly meeting on the following day, October 23. 

Everyone is invited to come in this event.  Morever, if you have any recent research findings that may be presented during the symposium, please contact FORESPI. 

The FORESPI is also inviting nominations for the 2013 FORESPI outstanding junior and senior researchers. 

Hope you could come and have fun during this celebration!  Attached is the FORESPI programme for your reference.