OVCRE Memorandum No.26 S.2015: Contributions for the RDE Chronicle and RDE Digest

01 September 2015

Series of 2015

TO: Deans and Directors

Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension

SUBJECT: Contributions for the RDE Chronicle and RDE Digest

With the aim of promoting the university's research culture, the OVCRE Information Officers Network will launch the RDE Chronicle and the new RDE Digest this 2015. Both publications will be released twice a year: the RDE Chronicle on March and October, and the new RDE Digest on July and January.

The Chronicle will focus on university news related to research, development, and extension, while the new Digest will focus on timeless stories on the impact of UPLB research and extension initiatives.

For the upcoming issue of the RDE Chronicle, we are welcoming at least one of the following contributions from your unit:

  • News article/s about RDE efforts of your unit from June to September (strategic planning, conference, important visitors, etc.)
  • Literary contributions (poems, short story, anecdote, etc.)

You may e-mail these contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before 18 September 2015. The RDE Chronicle will be released in time for the Loyalty Day Celebration this October.

For the new RDE Digest, a feature story or article which fall under any of these categories may be submitted:

  • Analytical Perspective
  • Research Updates
  • Technology and Innovations
  • Popularized Publications (popularized version of a journal article)
  • Personality Profile
  • Success Story (stories of adapters of our technologies)
  • Stories from the field (stories and anecdotes of experiences during field work)
  • Review of any masterpiece of any UPLB faculty/staff

We will welcome contributions to the new RDE Digest on or before 06 November 2015.

For questions or inquries, you may contact the Editorial Team at (049) 536-2354.

Thank you very much for your usual support and cooperation.