OC MEMO NO. 040 SERIES 2014: Viewing of AVP on UPLB Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Technology Transfer (TT) Policies

TO: All Deans and Directors

SUBJECT: Viewing of AVP on UPLB Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Technology Transfer (TT) Policies

In line with the initiatives of the UPLB Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (UPLB CTTE) in increasing the University’s awareness and knowledge on intellectual property and technology transfer policies, an audio-visual presentation (AVP) has been devoted for the students, faculty, REPS, and staff.

This video presentation provides an overview of the relevant provisions of both the 2011 UP Revised IPR Policy and the Technology Transfer Act of 2009, including ownership of IP, rights of inventors and creators of IP, and royalty sharing policy. Presentation of the AVP for students has already been included during the Freshman Orientation since last year.

In this light, viewing of the AVP shall be required for the:

1. Newly appointed Faculty and REPS; and
2. Non-Government Workers (NGWs) involved in Research and Extension.

The UPLB CTTE has set-up three (3) computers at the OVCRE Annex Building (old PLDT Building) where employees can view the AVP from 8:30AM to 11:30AM and 1:30PM to 4:30PM (Monday to Friday). A CTTE/OVCRE staff will be available to assist the employee during the viewing. After viewing the AVP, a certification shall be issued to attest that the employee understood and shall abide by these policies.

In addition, the newly appointed faculty/REPS and NGWs shall also be required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (CNDA). The AVP certificate and CNDA shall be part of the requirement prior to the release of the employee’s appointment paper or contract of services.

For those who were already issued appointments/contracts, they shall also be required to view the said presentation and sign the CNDA before the renewal of their appointments/contracts are released.

For strict compliance.