Memorandum No. OVPAA 2013-51: Call for Proposals - UP EIDR Program Cycle 5

05 September 2013

Memorandum No. OVPAA 2013-51

TO: Chancellors and OIC, UP Cebu, Vice Chancellors for Research and Development/Extension

FROM: GISELA P. CONCEPCION, Ph.D, Vice-President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT: Call for Proposals to the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) Program for Cycle 5

This is to announce the Call for Capsule Concept Proposals for Cycle 5 of the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) Program. The guidelines and revised forms can be downloaded from the OVPAA website (

The deadline for submission of Capsule Concept Proposals is on 10 November 2013. Please submit endorsed proposals through e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The proposals will be evaluated based on the areas of priority and based on a general assessment of the research concept and strategy. Results of the evaluation will be released after 1-2 months and the concepts that make it to the first cut will be invited to submit the full proposal. The full proposal will be reviewed by external reviewers and will be sent back to proponents with the comments for improvement. The final full proposal will again be evaluated to determine which projects will be funded under the EIDR Program.

Please see attached guidelines and research priority areas for EIDR Cycle 5.