DOST Special Order 242: New Prescribed Salary Rates for DOST GIA Personnel

DOST Special Order No. 242
Series of 2013

SUBJECT: New Prescribed Salary Rates for DOST GIA Personnel

In the interest of the service and in view of the need to update the compensation of our non-permanent personnel with the existing Salary Standardization Rates, we are hereby adopting the revised salary rates for GIA personnel effective immediately subject to availability of funds.

All ongoing and new projects will have to realign their Personnel Services using the new salary scale provided this is within their approved budgets. These new rates shall be considered in the preparation of the CY 2014 DOST-GIA Budget for both new and ongoing programs and projects but no additional funding will be provided for existing programs and projects. Heads of Offices and Project Leaders should advise their personnel to respect the existing contract of services.

The Schedule of New Salary Rates is herewith attached for reference and guidance.

For compliance