UPLB MNH features Hoya plants in Epicenter Featured

  • Written by  Jose Elmo H. Azores and Regina Mae C. Ongkiko
  • Published in News
UPLB MNH features Hoya plants in Epicenter © OVCRE/Jose Elmo H. Azores

The UPLB Museum of Natural History (UPLB MNH) put the spotlight on the different Hoya plants by conducting “EpiCenter,” a seminar and exhibit, last 06 November 2015. Hoya plants are epiphytes, or plants that grow upon trees or other plants. Its flowers are star shaped and appears in a spherical pattern.

The event was composed of three segments: a photo exhibit, garden display, and seminar. The opening remarks and ribbon cutting were led by UPLB MNH Director Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzales and MNH Curator Professor Annalee S. Hadsal.

Professor Hadsal also gave a talk entitled “Hands on, Minds on Wax Flowers.” She gave a short lecture and a quiz about the anatomy of Hoya. Top scorers received Hoya plants as prizes.

The second speaker, MNH Curator Professor Ivy Amor F. Lambio, delivered a lecture on how to find Hoya. Her talk was entitled “Look up, look up: Finding the Elusive Hoya” as Hoya plants are commonly found hanging from above. She also presented different species of Hoya during her presentation. One of these is the Hoya espaldonia, named after former Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Dr. Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon. The last speaker, Kenneth De Taglem is a Hoya hobbyist. He talked about the cultivation of Hoya and how different species of Hoya have varying needs.

Dr. Gonzalez gave the closing remarks and awarded the certificates, accompanied by Dr. Espaldon.