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CFNR-Forest Products Chemistry Laboratory

This is a teaching laboratory used by students in wood chemistry, pulp and paper technology and non-timber forest products. This laboratory is capable of doing proximate analysis of wood, bark and other lignocellulosic materials, nanocellulose production using acid hydrolysis and mechanical refining, and other chemical tests of pulp. The laboratory also supports the conduct of externally-funded research as well as thesis work of undergraduate BS Forestry, BS Chemical Engineering (Major in Pulp and Paper Technology), and BS Agricultural Chemistry students and graduate students in MS/PhD programs.


CAFS-Meat Research and Service Laboratory

The Meat Research and Service Laboratory (Meat Lab) of the Animal Products Science and Technology Division in the Institute of Animal Science is one-of-a-kind meat research and service laboratory complex in the Philippines. It is capable of evaluating physical (color, firmness, muscle fiber diameter, and tenderness), physico-chemical (muscle pH, water holding capacity), chemical (proximate composition, nitrite content, salt content), microbiological, and sensory characteristics of meat and meat products. It has four sections, namely, chemical laboratory, physico-chemical laboratory, microbiology laboratory, and a sensory evaluation complex.


CAFS-Seed Science and Technology Laboratory

The Seed Science and Technology Laboratory is a teaching and research laboratory in the Institute of Crop Science (ICropS). The laboratory is composed of one full-time laboratory technician, two researchers, and two faculty members. Purity analysis, routine seed tests like germination and moisture content, and specialized tests like accelerated aging and electrical conductivity, among others, and storage experiments are conducted in the laboratory.


OVCRE Memorandum # 12 s.2017: Call for ECWRG Proposal (2nd Cycle)

Memorandum No. 12

Series of 2017

22 June 2017

TO : All Deans and Directors

Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension



The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) is now accepting research proposals for funding under the Enhanced Creative Works and Research Grant. The ECWRG Program aims to encourage faculty (from Instructor 4 to Professor) and REPS to undertake research that will lead to publications or exhibitions or performances of creative work or other significant output such as patents, new software, and advanced technologies. To ensure the quality of output, publication or exhibition will be required prior to the full release of the grant, depending on whether the grant is for research or creative work.

In this regard, please be informed that all proposals shall be subjected to technical and administrative review by OVCRE prior to submission to OVPAA. Specifically, technical review shall be undertaken by external evaluators (outside campus unit) as prescribed in the program guidelines. Kindly refer to the attached guidelines and table for the minimum qualifications of applicants.

Please submit one (1) hard copy of the detailed proposal (download here) to the OVCRE-Project Development Monitoring and Evaluation Section (PDMES), OVCRE Annex Bldg, UPLB. Deadline of submission shall be on or before 30 August 2017.

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