Ana Margarita Palma

BIOTECH Oil and Fats Laboratory

This laboratory specializes in the extraction and analysis of oils. Under the supervision and expertise of Dr. Laura J. Pham, there are research on the composition and application of oils extracted from produce such as avocado, atropa, pili pulp, pili nut, malunggay, and other oil seeds. It caters to students, farmers, and stakeholders who need assistance in related studies under a Memorandum of Agreement with head unit.


BIOTECH Feeds and Specialty Products Laboratory

This laboratory is dedicated in doing research on enzymatic extraction systems and protein enrichment of agri-industrial produce and wastes. It also handles the production and optimization of production parameters for the Protein-Enriched Copra Meal (PECM) and animal probiotics, both of which are valuable products tested and proven effective in animals such as swine, poultry, and aquaculture. Products can be sold by visiting the laboratory. Consequently, other research by interested parties can be accommodated through consultations and with appropriate Memorandum of Agreement.


BIOTECH Food, Feeds, and Specialty Products Laboratory

This laboratory produces new, improved, and safe food, feeds, and specialty products through transformation of raw materials by biotechnological approaches. The research and development core projects under this deal with: (a) characterization of important microorganisms; (b) development and formulation of starter cultures; (c) production and functional ingredients for food, feeds, and cosmetic applications from agricultural and food processing wastes; (d) development of detection kits for food pathogens and mycotoxin; and (e) food fermentations using probiotic lactic acid bacteria and probiotic feeds.


BIOTECH Bio-Organic Fertilizer Laboratory

The Bio-Organic Fertilizer (BOF) Laboratory performs research and development of microbial-based fertilizers. It has developed microbial inoculants technology for efficient conversion of agro-industrial wastes into quality biofertilizers as low-cost agricultural farm input. The laboratory also uses DNA-based techniques to formulate efficient microbial consortia as biostimulant for plants for increased crop productivity. BOF Lab is involved in hosting students (high school/university students) in the conduct of their thesis, practicum, and on-the-job training, among others. It offers training and extension on BOF Technology and publishes papers on biofertilizer development on microbial formulations for crop and soil productivity.


BIOTECH Nanobiotechnology Laboratory

The Nanobiotechnology Laboratory was established to fill the gap in nanobiotechnology research and provide services not just to the university but also to its public and private partners. Its current research thrusts include nanoformulation of plant macro and micronutrients for improved nutrient efficiency, nanobiosensor for agricultural and food safety applications, and epidemiological and diagnostic studies.

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