Awarding and Recognizing Achievements

International Publication Award for Journal Articles

Important Information

At the 1272nd meeting of the Board of Regents on 25 August 2011, revisions on the coverage, application process, mechanism and public dissemination of the IPA (IPA version 2) were approved. In summary:

  1. IPA to UP authors:
    1. All faculty members and REPS of UP who are authors of an international peer-reviewed (Thomson Reuters-listed [formerly ISI], SCI-indexed) publication will receive a pro-rated share of the IPA.
    2. All project researchers and thesis students who work on UP projects, and indicate UP as their affiliation in the publication, will also receive a pro-rated share of the IPA.
    3. Each UP author will receive a pro-rated share of the IPA equal to P55,000 divided by the total number of authors.
  2. IPA to UP units:
    1. A UP unit (department, institute, center, etc.) indicated as the affiliate institution of authors in an international publication, will receive an IPA apart from the IPA for authors.
    2. The IPA per publication for UP units is P15,000. Each UP affiliate unit will receive a pro-rated share of the IPA equal to P15,000 multiplied by the number of authors affiliated with the UP unit divided by the total number of authors.
  3. IPA application process:
    1. The guidelines and forms for IPA version 2 will be available in the OVPAA website ( All IPA applications with the required supporting documents should be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    2. The status of the IPA application and award will be tracked in the OVPAA website.
  4. Public dissemination of UP's international publications:
    1. The abstracts of all IPA publications will be posted in the OVPAA website.
    2. The authors are required to submit a popular article about the publication. The popular article will be featured in the OVPAA website and used as part of UP?s accomplishments for public dissemination.

With the present revision, proper recognition is provided to all researchers in UP and their affiliate units for research that resulted in an international peer-reviewed publication of UP. The aim of the next revision will be to improve the quality and visibility (citations) of UP publications.

Guidelines on the International Publication Award for Journal Articles (Version 1)

I. Purpose

The purpose of the award is to encourage faculty and REPS to contribute to the body of knowledge in their respective field/discipline by publishing internationally respected journals that are peer-reviewed and adhere to high standards of scholarship.

II. Eligibility

Regular faculty, including those on sabbatical and secondment to other agencies, regular REPS in active service, clinical faculty and emeritus professors are eligible for the award.

III. Scope of Award

Only those articles published in journals listed as of the date of publication in the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Master Journal List of selected journals may qualify for the award. The database lists some 8,000 international journals in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities chosen on the basis of the following:

  1. Publication on time, which implies the journal is well stocked with manuscripts and is thus able to come out on schedule, a sign of viability
  2. Editorial content, meaning the journal enriches existing coverage rather than simply takes up topics already adequately covered
  3. International diversity of authors of both source materials and cited articles
  4. Peer (and blind) review
  5. Citation analysis, which varies according to the nature of the discipline but in general includes citation rate, impact factor and immediacy index; and for new journals, the publishing record of authors and of editorial board members, where they are published and their citation index

(Each year the ISI editorial staff reviews close to 2,000 new journals, of which 10-20 percent qualify for inclusion in the database. More information is available at .)

IV. Value of Award

  1. Sole authors of journal articles that meet the requirements set in these guidelines shall receive an award of P55,000 per article. This amount may be increased from time to time.
  2. In the case of co-authorship, the award shall be divided equally among the number of authors, local and foreign. Only UP authors eligible for the award shall receive it, provided the article is published while they are on active service or before their retirement or resignation from the University.

V. Requirements

  1. The author(s) must clearly be identified as belonging to UP. If the article was produced while on sabbatical abroad or as a result of a joint project with foreign scholars, proper acknowledgement must be given the foreign institution that accommodated the faculty or supported the project; the UP address/affiliation of the author(s) must nonetheless be indicated in the publication (either in a footnote or as a byline).
  2. The article must fall within the discipline or related field of the author. For example, a work of poetry shall not be entertained if authored by faculty or REPS outside the field of creative writing, unless there is sufficient proof of prior recognition of the author as a serious practitioner in the field of creative writing as determined by the VPAA, upon consultation with known literary figures.
  3. The article must be a complete, solid piece of research. If one’s work (e.g. poem) is included or cited in an article authored by another, the cited portion shall not qualify for the award. In addition, certain articles (e.g. tribute/testimonial to a known figure, book review, letter to the editor, editorial commentary) shall not qualify. The VPAA shall evaluate all articles as to their eligibility.
  4. Authors eligible for the award may receive it as often as they publish in an ISI journal. However, an article may be awarded only once.
  5. An article for which an International Publication Award (IPA) was granted shall not qualify again for an IPA if it appears as a chapter in a book published by a reputable international publisher, the author may be eligible for an IPA in the book category.

VI. Procedure

  1. The faculty or REPS shall send a copy of the published article to the VPAA. Evidence of the author’s identification with UP shall also be included.
  2. No prior screening at the campus level is necessary.
  3. Should a publication for which a faculty or REPS was awarded later be withdrawn or retracted by the publisher owing to misrepresentation of data or authorship, plagiarism or some unethical act, the author(s) shall return the full amount of the award, without prejudice to the application of other University sanctions.
  4. The OVPAA shall process the voucher for the award and inform the faculty/REPS of the award.

One can now apply for the International Publication Award online. To apply, go to