Conducting Research

Project evaluation

Both ongoing and completed research projects under the applied/basic research grants, research trust, and those funded by DOST, DOST-PCAARRD, DA, DA-BAR and other government agencies are required to be presented in an annual in-house review. Based on the findings during the review, evaluators recommend the renewal or extension or even termination of the research projects.

Completed projects, on the other hand, are also evaluated prior to the submission of the terminal report 30 days after the termination of the project. Researchers are also required to resent their results.

The OVCRE has prepared several guidelines on the following:

  • Guidelines in the evaluation of programs and projects
  • Guidelines for project leaders/ presenters of projects for review
  • Guidelines for evaluators during in-house review of completed R and E projects
  • Guidelines for evaluators during in-house review of on-going R and E projects

These guidelines are available at the OVCRE office and website. These are also briefly discussed in the succeeding sections:

Appointment of evaluators

Two months before the year ends, a pool of UPLB evaluators for applied (externally-funded) and basic (internally-funded) researches are constituted for recommendation to the Chancellor for approval. In the selection of the members in the pool, their expertise and the current list of ongoing researches to be reviewed for the following year are considered.

The pool of evaluators consist of: a) core evaluators with expertise in the areas of statistics, crops, livestock, social sciences and economics, and who shall be present in all evaluation sessions, if possible; and b) specialist evaluators who shall be selected based on the area of discipline of the research projects being evaluated.

Schedule of reviews

The evaluation of ongoing UPLB research projects both internally- and externally-funded is conducted once a year. The Project Development, Monitoring and Evaluation Section (PDMES) of the OVCRE coordinates with the funding agency in order to synchronize the schedule of evaluation of UPLB with that of the funding agency.

As much as possible, a joint evaluation between UPLB and funding agency is conducted. In case a joint evaluation is not possible, the funding agency invites a representative from the UPLB team of evaluators to attend the funding agency's evaluation, and provides the OVCRE, a copy of the summary of evaluation results.

The schedule of UPLB evaluation is done quarterly - in the months of February, May, August, and November. For projects due for completion, the evaluation shall be scheduled before the termination of the project:

  • Projects ending in April, May, June are reviewed in February
  • Projects ending in July, August, September are reviewed in May
  • Projects ending in October, November, December are reviewed in August
  • Projects ending in January, February, March of succeeding year are reviewed in November

Evaluation, however, may not be held in a regular scheduled month, if and when the following occur:

  • The funding agency approved the change of implementation date.
  • The funding agency approved the extension of project to complete activities and/or use of unexpended balance.
  • The nature of the project (i.e., short duration, seasonality of crops).
  • The project shall not request for extension and shall instead present completed research for evaluation.

The PDMES staff shall finalize the schedule of evaluation, and accordingly coordinate with the project leaders and funding agencies in this regard.

Preparing and submitting reports

Proponents whose externally-funded projects are due for review should prepare the following, depending on the type of review (i.e. quarterly, annual, terminal etc):

  • Six (6) copies of progress report which are submitted to the funding agency
  • 14 copies of the annual report which are submitted for use in the joint UPLB and funding agency annual in-house review of projects; and
  • Five (5) copies of the terminal report which are submitted two months after the termination or completion of the project.