Conducting Research

Hiring and appointing project personnel

The project management should take particular attention on the following when preparing the appointment papers of the project staff:

  • Project/study leader, project staff/administrative support staff who are UPLB personnel, NGW personnel such as URA, labroratory technician/aide, animal caretaker, agricultural technician, laborer etc. - Prepare the basic papers for each, submitted and processed through channels. Only permanent and temporary staff are allowed to be assigned as administrative support staff in the project. UPLB staff whose appointment is in substitute or contractual basis is not allowed to be given additional assignment as administrative support staff.
  • Contract Labor (Non-Government Worker), or NGWs hired charged against Other Services - Make a letter request to hire contract labor to the Dean/Unit head for approval. The approved request will be attached to the appointment, processed through channels. The duration for contract labor is only for a maximum of three (3) months. Appointments maybe renewed but with a one-week gap.
  • For Non-UPLB personnel to be appointed as study leader and project staff - Make a formal request to the Chancellor to be able to appoint a study leader/project staff who is not UPLB-employed . The request should attach a letter from the supervisor allowing the involvement of non-UPLB personnel to the project. Upon approval of the request by the Chancellor, a letter order, will be processed and issued by the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) that will serve as the appointment of the staff involved.