Conducting Research

Developing and executing legal agreements

Once a research study/project is approved for implementation, a Memorandum of Agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the funding agency and the UPLB is prepared by the proponent. There are funding agencies that have their own draft MOA/MOU that the proponent can refer to. UPLB has also its own proforma of a MOA/MOU and is available at the UPLB Legal Office. PCARRD, on the other hand, has an Omnibus MOA with UPLB.

The draft MOA/MOU is referred to both parties for comments. From the funding agency, the MOA/MOU is referred to the UPLB Legal Office for review, and sent back to the proponent/ funding agency for revision based on the comments of the OVCRE and the Legal Office.

The OVCRE studies the agreements/terms and recommends the MOA/MOU to the UPLB Chancellor who signs the agreement. The document is then transmitted to the funding agency which approves and notarizes the MOA/MOU.

After notarial, the OC, OVCRE, UPLB Legal Office and proponent are provided copies of the agreement. A copy of the document is sent by the OC to the UP System for confirmation.

After the MOA is approved, the funding agency issues the notice to proceed to the OVCRE for the attention of the proponent. The funding agency also furnishes the proponent a copy of the notice.