Conducting Research

Developing proposals

The OVCRE facilitates the approval and funding of research proposals through an efficient system of processing research proposals. This section explains in detail the procedures in developing proposals.

Call for proposals from UPLB Basic Research Program and external funding agencies (FAs) may come anytime during the year. Research proponents prepare proposals in accordance with the thrusts and objectives specified by the funding agency.

Research under the UPLB Basic Research Program

Every last quarter of the year, the OVCRE calls for submission of basic research proposals. The deadline for submission is November, evaluation is conducted in December and implementation starts in January. Funds are released on a quarterly basis. Guidelines on the UPLB Basic Research Program and formats of proposals are available as downloads in this site.

The flow of basic research proposal processing is presented below:

UPLB Basic Research Proposal Processing

  1. OVCRE - issues call on all units for basic research proposals and recommends composition of the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) to the Office of the Chancellor (OC)
  2. OC - approves composition of the TEC and issues one year appointment to the TEC
  3. PROPONENTS - submits capsule proposals to the OVCRE through channels
  4. TEC - reviews capsule proposals and recommends to OVCRE proposals to be developed in detail
  5. OVCRE - informs proponents of approved proposals and issues the advice of sub-allotments
  6. OC - approves the final list of basic research proposals
  7. OVCRE - packages final list of proposals for recommendation of approval of the OC
  8. PROPONENTS - submits detailed proposals to the OVCRE

Applied research support by external fund sources

Some agencies, such as the DA-BAR and DOST-PCAARRD require the initial submission of capsule proposals, and when considered for funding, proponents are requested to submit detailed proposals. Proposal format depends on the requirement of the funding agency. The proponents, for faster proposal processing, should strictly follow the formats required by DOST and its councils, DA-BAR and other funding agencies. Those who wish to prepare proposals for funding by external funding agencies can get the formats and the guidelines for submission of proposals from the agency's website.

The flow of research proposal processing for external funding agencies is presented below:

External Funding Agency Proposal Processing

  1. PROPONENTS - submits capsule proposals to the OVCRE through channels
  2. OVCRE -records and logs receipt of incoming proposal; conducts pre-evaluation and checks for duplication; solicits and receives comments from TEC, and sends proposal back to proponent (if necessary)
  3. TEC - reviews proposals and provides recommendations to the OVCRE for transmittal to the proponent
  4. PROPONENTS - revises proposal accordingly and submits revised capsule proposal
  5. OVCRE -reviews the revised proposal and prepares endorsement letter and submits proposal package to the OC
  6. OC -prepares final endorsement letter and returns proposal package to OVCRE
  7. OVCRE -transmits the proposal package directly to the funding agency, or to the proponent for delivery to the funding agency

Pointers in proposal-making

The proponent should review the budgetary requirement of the project in terms of the following:

  • Salaries of the project personnel, honoraria rates should be in accordance with the salary rates approved by the funding agency, i.e. DOST, DA-BAR.
  • The administrative cost (indirect cost) of the project is dependent on the following schemes:
    • Below P100,000 (5%)
    • P101,000 to P200,000 (7%)
    • P201,000 and above (10%)
  • Payment of training fees, travel insurance, attendance in international or local conferences, collaboration with other agencies should be explicit in the Memorandum Agreement or Understanding (MOA/MOU).