Conducting Research

Opportunities for research

Faculty and REPS can be involved in any form of research activity and can avail of themselves the different administering programs under the auspices of the university. Depending on the researcher's qualification and status, he or she can pursue research grants administered by the university or by external funding agencies:

UPLB Core Research Fund

The core research funds are directly allotted to the unit by the central administration as maintenance, operating and other expenses (MOOE). The research unit manages these funds and determines research prioritization and implements its own unit-based program.

UPLB Basic Research Program

Administered by the OVCRE, this program provides financial assistance for basic studies in the natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences and the humanities to support UPLB's teaching function. Priority is given to proponents who have no other research study/project and/or have recently received their MS or PhD degrees and wish to do follow-up studies on their thesis or dissertation. Under the program, there is no provision for honoraria of study leaders, equipment and capital outlay.

UP System Research Grants

The UP System has created a Creative and Research Scholarship Program in 1999 to support UP faculty and researchers. Depending on the availability of funds, the following grants are open to applicants every year: Creative Work and Research Grant, Research Incentive for Lateral Entrants, Sabbatical Research Grant and other grants. These grants usually support research or creative projects in any field, such as literary work, scientific research, artistic work, invention, software. Awardees are made to sign contracts for a certain period of time to complete the project.

Furthermore, in 2006, the UP Board of Regents approved the creation of the UP Emerging S and T Fields Agenda which makes available a grant to support inter-/multidisciplinary research programs/projects related to the approved list of emerging fields in S and T: materials, biotechnology, pervasive computing, measurement and instrumentation.

For more information on the UP System Research Grants, visit the UP System Academic and Research Portal

External Research Grants

Most of UPLB's current research undertakings are funded by various agencies which tap the university's capability and physical resources. Government agencies such as the DOST and the DA are long-time partners of UPLB in research, technology generation, and dissemination of useful knowledge. These organizations have funded research projects which fall under their respective agendas or plans and programs.

Similarly, international and local organizations provide grants to UPLB, mostly as part of their research networking and business affairs. Donor-driven research therefore dictates the areas or disciplines to be focused on by the proponent. Before proposing, the proponent may also need to periodically review the funding agency's set of research priorities which usually change from to time.