Professional Development

Graduate studies

Research, Extension and Professional Staff (REPS) and faculty involved in research can pursue graduate studies at the masters or doctoral levels in local or foreign universities to strengthen their research capabilities. The following options are available:

Scholarship available on a limited and competitive basis

Some local and/or foreign institutions provide scholarship support/financial assistance for graduate studies in specific fields of specialization. The scholarship is a package of financial support for the duration of the study, the institution where the recipient will pursue his/her study,service contract to the mother institution or employer, etc.

Study leave with pay or study leave without pay

The university grants study leave with pay to both faculty and REPS on the condition that they have been awarded scholarships or fellowships. Otherwise, faculty and REPS can apply for study leave without pay or study on reduced fee privilege. Those who wish to avail of the study leave should have met the conditions specified by the Board of Regents on study privileges.

Graduate study under the reduced fee program

REPS and faculty involved in research can also enjoy the privilege to study at reduced fee. Under this program, an employee is allowed to register a maximum of six (6) academic units per semester for a minimal fee. Any personnel who wishes to study under this program is required to get permission from his/her immediate supervisor or unit head and to prepare a revised work schedule.