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Impact Assessment of Selected PCAARRD Publications
Montemayor, Garry Jay S.
There is a need to evaluate the impact of PCAARRD's communication materials to ensure that the publications' objectives and intended impacts are being met. This holistic assessment can help improve PCAARRD's system of publication dissemination, making sure that enabling environments are functional and useful. Second, this research can help PCAARRD reassess the extensiveness of their mailing list, and the appropriateness of communication materials to be distributed to the right end users. Third, this research can beef up the re-evaluation of selected publications' format and content to ensure that the materials are attractive, comprehensible, acceptable, slient, and accurate, making the material more useful and credible at least from the point of view of the readers. Lastly, assessing the publication's outcomes and claimed impacts can assure them at the publications are still relevant, and had achieved its objectives, which can be vital inputs when reassessing the value (and possibly rationale) of PCAARRD's publication in the future.
Project Code:
Project Leader:
Montemayor, Garry Jay S.
College of Development Communication
Department of Science Communication
Start Date:
18 March 2016
End Date:
17 June 2017
Fund Agency:
Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)