Analytical & Research Services

CAFS-Animal Nutrition Analytical Service Laboratory (ANASL)

The ANASL was established during the 1970’s to cater the needs of the animal science researchers and students, particularly those specializing in Animal Nutrition which includes both undergraduate and graduate students doing their theses and students in ANSC 102, 143, 270, and 271. This laboratory is also income-generating by providing services at affordable cost to the livestock industry.


Animal Nutrition Division
Villegas Hall
Institute of Animal Science College of Agriculture and Food Science
UPLB, College, Laguna


Josephine R. Centeno
Position: In-Charge, ANASL

Dr.Rommel C. Sulabo
Head, Animal Nutrition Div.


Telephone Nos: (049) 536 - 2551

Specialized Equipment

  1. Kjeldahl apparatus
  2. Spectrophotometer
  3. Analytical balance
  4. Crude fat set-up
  5. Crude fiber set-up
  6. Grinder
  7. Digestion and distillation unit
  8. Bomb calorimeter
  9. Fumehoods

Rate of Analysis

Analysis Rate(in Peso)
1. Sample Preparation 250.00
a. Drying of fresh or wet samples 125.00
b. Grinding of air/oven dried forage samples 125.00
2. Proximate Analysis 1,600.00
a. moisture 150.00
b. ash/tibia bone ash 200.00/400,00
c. crude protein 300.00
d. crude fiber 450.00
e. crude fat/ether extract 500.00
3. Mineral Analysis
a. Calcium* 500.00
b. Phosphorus* 500.00
c. Salt* 200.00
4. Feed Microscopy
a. Pure sample 50.00
b. With more than one identified adulterant + P20/adulterant 50.00
5. Other Chemical Analysis
a. Urease activity 100.00
b. Urea test 150.00
c. pH 75.00
d. Neutral detergent fiber (NDF) 1,000.00
e. Acid detergent fiber (ADF) 1,000.00
f. Acid lignin and silica 1,000.00
g. In-vitro dry matter and organic matter digestibility 300.00
h. Gross energy (Feeds/Urine) 650.00/850.00
6. Chromic oxide 650.00

*If calcium only + 200 for ash; if phosphorus only + 200 for ash; if combination of phosphorus and calcium: 800