Stakeholder Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Companies- a First Step Towards Successful Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Management
  • Manuel Suárez-Cebador
  • Juan Carlos Rubio-Romero
  • Alberto López-Toro
  • Rafael Arjona-Jiménez
Keywords: municipal solid waste, stakeholders’ identification, focus group, corporate social responsibility



 The rise of the world’s population is causing a never-ending increase in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation. This, along with the commitment to necessary protection for the environment, requires companies managing MSW to make effective decisions to maximise satisfaction among their stakeholders. This research aimed to identify the main stakeholders and the relevance of each one. Four focus groups discussions were set up for this identification, involving a total of 36 experts from different sector-related disciplines. In order to guarantee reliable results, rank-ordering of alternatives was applied obtaining a high Kendall coefficient of concordance equivalent to 0.83. Subsequently, these were applied to a pairwise comparison grid that gave a stakeholder’s ranking: citizens, shareholders, workers, town council, special customers, NGOs, public administrations, media and suppliers. This information offers MSW management companies a perspective that helps to set priorities in their decision-making.