Descriptive Study of the Fisheries Registration and Licensing System in Selected Municipalities of Panay Island, Philippines

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Management
  • Ruby Napata
  • Liberty Espectato
  • Genna Serofia
Keywords: licensing, registration, fisheries management


This study was conducted to describe the effectiveness of the system of registration and licensing of municipal fishers, fishing vessels, and fishing gears in three coastal municipalities of Panay Island and to identify problems and gaps of its implementation. The study sites include Brgy. Culasi, Roxas City, Capiz; Brgy. Polopina, Concepcion, Iloilo and Brgy. Pinamuk-an, New Washington, Aklan. Primary data were gathered through an interview schedule and key informant interview (KII) and further validated through focus group discussions (FGD). Data collection was done during the period September to December 2008 with 1,171 total number of respondents. With no uniform proceedure, process of registration and licensing system of the three study sites varies. Compliance rate for fisherfolk registration, fishing gear and fishing boat licensing is highest in Concepcion compared to New Washington and Roxas City. The case of the municipality of Concepcion has also demonstrated that “onestop-shop” strategy of bringing the registration team to the people can increase fishers’ compliance. Some policy recommendations for the LGUs to improve its fisheries registration and licensing system include the following:  determine the carrying capacity of the resource as basis for limiting entry, standardize the registration and licensing procedure, establish a fair basis for license fees, and provide funds for the establishment and maintenance of a databank of fishers and the status of their registration and licensing.