Analysis of Heavy Metals in Cebu City Sanitary Landfill, Philippines

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Management
  • Van Ryan Kristopher Galarpe
  • Richard Parilla
Keywords: Heavy metals, leachate, Cebu City, landfills and groundwater


Selected heavy metals in leachate and groundwater in Cebu City Sanitary Landfill (CCSL), Philippines were studied. Levels of Pb, Cd, Cr, and Cu in total form were determined by Flame- AAS and Hg by cold vapor AAS. Study commenced on April, May, August, and October of 2010 covering wet and dry seasons. Studied leachate stations exceeded the standards for Pb (0.1968 mg L-1) and Hg (0.14838 mg L-1 ) with risk quotient (RQ) values >1. Groundwater stations exceeded the standard for Pb (0.0371 mg L-1) and Cd (0.0042 mg L-1 ) with RQ >1. It can be inferred that the groundwater adjacent to CCSL was slightly impacted by leachate metal constituents. Therefore, it is recommended that further monitoring would be carried out and the leachate would be contained to protect the groundwater prior to CCSL closure.