Future Adaptability of Urban Trees due to the Effects of Climate Change: the Case of Artvin, Turkey

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Management
  • Derya Sari
  • Banu Karaşah
Keywords: Artvin, adaptability, climate change, planting design, tolerance, urban trees


Global climate change began to affect urban and rural landscape planning decisions. The accurate and efficient use of plants that support urban green infrastructure would play an important role in these decisions. The present study aimed to determine the tolerance of domestic and exotic woody plant species planted in public spaces in Artvin province, Turkey to the effects of climate change. Thus, the tolerance of 59 most prevalent trees and shrubs identified in public spaces and natural fields in 12 sampling areas in Artvin province center, Hopa and Ardanuc district centers were surveyed. Findings of the regression model demonstrated that drought, cold hardiness and precipitation had an impact on the adaptability scores of the plants. The differences between the climate conditions in sample areas had an impact on the future adaptation and tolerance of the plants to climate change. This demonstrated that plant species in urban green areas will be affected not only by the global climate change but also by local climate conditions in the short and long term.