Perspective of Environmental Education in Taiwan: Current Status of Implementation

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Management
  • Chang-Mao Lee
  • Ching-Hwa Lee
  • Srinivasa Popuri
Keywords: Environmental Education Act, Taiwan, integrated curriculum, Environmental Protection Agency, training


Environmental education is becoming an essential subject as the environment changes rapidly with human activities. To protect the environment, several countries implemented environmental education acts. Taiwan is the sixth country in the world that implemented an act for environmental protection and sustainability. This study reports the 20-year journey of development and the pioneer status of environmental education act into practice. The Ministry of Education of Taiwan and Environmental Protection Agency jointly proposed the environmental education programme in 1992 to create awareness the on environment protection and develop knowledge, attitudes, skills and values necessary for improving the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for accrediting qualified environmental education institutions to handle environmental education personnel training, curriculum plan and management, provide professional service of environmental education with rich ecology, etc. During 2011 to 2019, 200 students in 17 cities were issued environmental education certificates and became qualified environmental education personnel. The number of environmental education personnel in Taiwan has increased every year after the implementation of the Environmental Education Law. This study also provides suggestions of integrating environmental education into the school curriculum and the establishment of corporate social responsibility towards environmental education.