Assessing Green Supply Chain Operation Reference with Life Cycle Inventory: The Case of Gamboeng Green Tea

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Management
  • Ahmad Fauzi Suharno Bandung Islamic University
  • Muthia Syafika Haq
  • Teuku Beuna Bardant
  • Arief Ameir Rahman Setiawan
  • Adhi Irianto Mastu
  • Sugeng Harianto
  • Rakhmat Ceha
  • Muhamad Dzikron
  • Anny Sulaswatty
  • Edi Iswanto Wiloso



 This study aims to assess the performance of the Gamboeng green tea production system using the Green Supply Chain Operation Reference (GreenSCOR). Fifteen environmental performance indicators were incorporated in the five main processes in the supply chain: planning, sourcing, production, delivery and return. The data were collected from field observations of the supply chain structure and flow process inventory, then validated through in-depth interview with key informants. Data inventory of processes was utilized for measuring several indicators especially in the planning process and the realization of the plan in the production process. Gamboeng tea has an advantage score in indicator of realization (15%) for use of clean energy source (i.e., wood pellet) to substitute liquified petroleum gas as well as for using environmentally friendly packaging, zero waste disposition and total recyclable waste. Further improvements are recommended for the five performance indicators, particularly in the planning process, such as providing training and education for personnel about environmental awareness and management, planning for minimizing water usage, planning in minimizing inorganic fertilizer usage, screening suppliers, and using larger portions of wood pellets.

Keywords: green supply chain, Gamboeng green tea, Green Supply Chain Operation Reference, DeBoer normalization scoring system, Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process