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Slow Growth Culture for Bamboo Conservation
This technology uses tissue-cultured shoots and slow growth protocols. Embryos from Bambusa bambos and Gigantochloa levis are isolated from aseptic seeds and germinated in vitro on half strength MS medium. The seedlings are multiplied in vitro through multiple shoot formation of lateral buds on nodal cuttings. The node cuttings are subcultured on to half strength MS medium and covered with 1 cm mineral oil while nodal cuttings and shoot clusters are subcultured on to half strength MS medium supplemented with 0.1-0.5 mannitol. The two species show reduced growth when overlaid with mineral oil and when cultured on mannitol. The normal growth of these treated explants resumed after they were transferred to a fresh propagation medium. This technology can be used for medium-term in vitro conservation.
Mass propagation technique
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