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BP Medium (Also called R medium), A New Medium for Orchid Tissue Culture
BP or R Medium, an effective plant tissue culture formulation was developed using a simple concept. Two media are identified when the formulation was used as the basal medium for the embyo culture of orchids. Orchid R Medium for Generation (ORMG) is used to germinate seeds in vitro. The other, Orchid R Medium for Plantlet Regeneration (ORMP) allows germinated seeds to grow into plantlets until they can be transplanted to potting media. These culture media are now used for in vitro seed germination and plantlet regeneration of Philippine indigenous orchids (e.g. Aerides sp., Dendrobium anosmum, Polystacia sp., Rhynchostylis retusa, Renanthera sp., Vanda lamellate, Vanda sanderiana), hybrids and other introduced varieties. The BP medium maybe used not only for routine germination and plantlet regeneration of orchids but also for in vitro research of other plants the way other culture media such as MS, White and Gamborg are used.
Mass propagation technique
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