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Molecular Linkage Maps for Potato, Mungbean, Maize, Tomato and Coconut
Genetic maps show the linear arrangement of genes or loci on a chromosome separated by distances that are measured in units of meiotic recombination frequency. The development of genome maps and markers facilitate the identification of genes e.g. for resistance to pest and diseases and horticultural traits of economic importance. Molecular linkage maps have been developed in various crops including potato, mungbean, coconut, tomato and corn using non-radioactive protocols of RAPD, SSR and AFLP DNA markers. Applications of genetic linkage maps include identification and map-based cloning of potential genes with agronomic importance. Furthermore, linkage maps are important tools for the identification and selection individuals. End-users of this technology are the researchers, plant breeders and geneticists and eventually the farmers.
DNA technology
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