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UPLB Gold Durian
‘UPLB Gold’ is a prolific bearer that yields an average of 137.3 kg per tree during seven fruiting seasons. It is an early-season variety with fruits maturing from June to July. The fruit is oblong and small, weighs 1.65-2.25 kg. It has a thick (1.6 cm) peel, which does not split easily even when fully ripe. Fruit borer damage remains only on the peel and does not penetrate the fruit. These fruits are also free from wet core and uneven fruit ripening- a physiological disorder common to ‘Chanee’ and ‘Manthong’. The fruits’ aril or flesh is bright yellow, thick, very creamy and sweet with a mild aroma. Each fruit has seven to eight well-developed seeds. This variety responds very well to cleft drafting - a method commonly used to propagate durian in the Philippines. When done during the dry season, grafting success can be 90-95%.
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