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UPLB Red Lychee
‘UPLB Red’ lychee was developed from a seedling that originated from Thailand. It is highly vigorous and has a spreading growth habit. Its flowers in December or January and its fruits ripen from April to early May. Its yield in Los Baños, Laguna ranged from 20-40 kg per tree for 7-year old and 12-year old trees, respectively. The fruits of ‘UPLB Red’ are clustered. Each fruit weighs 14 g, its shape ovate to almost round and its skin is rough and turns dark red when the fruit is full ripe. The flesh is creamy white and constitutes 61% of the total fruit weight. It is sweet, has a mild aroma and total soluble solids of 20 °Brix. The variety responds very well to both marcotting and cleft grafting. Grafted trees start fruiting 3-4 years after field planting.
Fruit crop variety
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Plant variety protection
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