Improved Ensiled Brewer’s Spent Grains Using Rice Bran and Limestone
Brewer’s spent grains (BSG) can be used in feeding dairy animals and feedlot fattening because it is a cheap and nutritious feed available in wet or liquid form. The main problem with BSG is spoilage in 3-4 days, characterized by food odor and molds. Adding limestone or rice bran in storing BSG lengthens spoilage period from 3-4 days to 30-75 days. Dry matter of the BSG silage increases with increasing rice bran levels but its crude protein content decreases when limestone and/or rice bran is included. Digestibility of BSG and its silage increases when rice bran is included and further increases with lime. Feedlot operators and dairy farms can use this technology to make sure of a supply of quality feeds for the animals throughout the year.
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