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UPL Sg-5 Sorghum
UPL Sg-5 or ‘COSOR 5’ has an average yield of 4.17 tons/ha, outyielding present Seed Board recommended varieties COSOR 1, COSOR 2, COSOR 3, and BPI SOR 1. COSOR 5 has an intermediate head type (between compact and spreading), making possible panicle ventilation for fast drying especially when harvesting during the wet season. Having an intermediate head type also makes COSOR 5 less susceptible to the attack of molds. Plant matures in 95 days after planting with an average height of 129 cm during the dry season and in 110 days after planting with an average height of 176 cm during the wet season. COSOR 5 is a good ratooner, maturing about one week earlier, yielding almost as much as the regular plant crop. COSOR 5 is resistant to head worm. It is moderately susceptible to major foliar diseases.
Field crop variety
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Plant variety protection
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