Tiwala 8 Soybean
‘Tiwala 8’ is a pureline selection derived from the cross between IPB Sy 138-44 and B3038. It is recommended for planting in Mindanao and Luzon during the dry season. Average grain yield is 2.4 tons/ha for wet season and 2.1 tons/ha during the 1993-2001 NCT trials. An irrigated crop during the dry season, it can yield more than 2.5 tons/ha. It matures in 91 to 98 days and the seed is yellow and small. It has better seed storability than ‘Tiwala 6.’ Soymilk from this variety has characteristics similar to ‘Manchuria’ and ‘Tiwala 6’ with its protein content similar to ‘Tiwala 6.’
Field crop variety
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