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Parasitoid-based IPM for Diamondback Moth on Crucifers
This integrated pest management technology (IPM) for diamondback moth (DBM) uses the biological control agents Diadegma semiclausum in the highlands and Cotesia plutellae in the lowland. The field release of the Cotesia plutellae parasitoid is supplemented with selective insecticides based on economic threshold level (manageable pest population without insecticide input) or ETL. The ETL is 2 DBM larvae/plant at seedling to mid-vegetative stage (1-4 weeks after transplanting) and 5 DBM larvae/plant at vegetative to heading stage (5-10 weeks after transplanting). Spraying is done at least 3 days after parasitoid release using selective insecticides. The technology results in increased farmers’ income, reduced insecticidal application and awareness of the role of natural enemies or friendly insects in IPM.
Biological control
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