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Rica Tomato
Also known as Tm L 95-12, ‘Rica’ tomato is an open-pollinated table-type determinate tomato variety. It is very vigorous and highly prolific. It has medium maturity and flowers 27 days from transplanting. ‘Rica’ has small to medium size (30-60 g/fruit) plum fruits. The fruits are red orange when ripe and are moderately firm. The transverse section of the fruit is angular with slight ribbing at the calyx end. It yields 10-15 tons/ha during the wet season and 20-30 tons/ha during the dry season. ‘Rica’ is a heat tolerant all-season tomato with wide adaptation. It can be grown during the hot humid off-season months in a wide range of agro-climatic conditions. Its fruit quality is highly acceptable and yield performance is comparable and even better than the commercial F1 hybrid variety.
Vegetable crop variety
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