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Shalom 1 Salt-Tolerant Tomato
‘Shalom 1’ or S2T46 is a selected somaclone from cv. Improved Pope that had undergone in vitro culture and selection under saline media. It has determinate and more compact growth habit relative to the Improved Pope. It has good canopy cover with slightly small leaves. It flowers profusely 5-6 weeks after transplanting. It has small to medium plum-shaped fruits that weighs 20-40 g, red orange when fully ripe with 2-3 seed locules. It has firm fruits similar to cv. Improved Pope with apparent resistance to growth or radial cracking. It can be directly utilized as an alternative cultivar in saline areas and for off-season tomato production or during the wet season. It is resistant to biovar III of Pseudomonas solanacearum, the causal organism for bacterial wilt at the seedling stage and resistant to blossom end-rot at fruiting stage.
Vegetable crop variety
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Plant variety protection
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