UPLB-DTRI Soft Cheese or “Kesong Puti”/ Probiotic Soft Cheese
White Cheese or ‘Kesong Puti’ is a local variety of soft cheese made by coagulating pasteurized salted carabaso’s, cow’s, or goat’s milk with rennet, cutting the curd and draining the whey. Bacterial starter cultures are added to give flavor to the products. It contains approximately 20% fat, 11% protein, 2% salt, and 60% moisture. The UPLB-DTRI “Kesong Puti” is an improved technology from the indigenous soft cheese produced in the different areas in the country. The technology produces cheese of uniform quality, longer shelf life, and higher yield. Recently, in 2008, probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus paracasei was used to improve the health-functional attributes of the cheese.
Dairy technology
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