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Soil Test Kit
The soil test kit was developed by a succession of scientists for the purpose of making available to farmers and other end-users affordable and accessible soil analytical services. The kit consists of chemical solutions in small bottles contained in a small bag for easy transport. The solutions are added to a small sample of soil in test tubes for analysis of pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and salinity status of the soil. Upon reaction, which takes only a few minutes, the mixture gives a color which indicates the relative acidity, salinity, or amounts of nutrients in the sample. Although the kit gives a qualitative or approximate fertility status of the soil, it suffices for a fertilizer recommendation to be made for specific crops and eliminate much guesswork about the nutrient needs of the soil. The kit has become a popular decision-aid tool for field technicians and even to those without technical background. The popularity stems from the speed of analysis, relatively low costs, profitability and adaptability.
Field diagnostic kit
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