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Curd Production and Curd-Based Products Processing Technology
This processing technology uses simple, farm-level curd production/processing techniques to create an attractive dairy enterprise through cooperative systems. Curd is concentrated fat and protein milk with a very small amount of lactose. The composition of raw milk usually contains 12% milk protein, 18% milk fat and 60% moisture. Acid or rennet curd recovery is about 12-20% and 12-15%, respectively. Both types of curd last for 2-3 days in ambient temperature and 10-15 days at refrigerated temperature. Acid curd can be made into pastillas de leche, yema, ice cream and white cheese, while rennet curd can be made into natural-processed cheeses. This technology may be adopted in areas where daily milk collection is not profitable and curd production technology could be easily adopted. Thus, a curd collection scheme could easily be established with the curd produced in the farm collected every 2 or 3 days.
Dairy technology
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